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Counselling is offered to deal with problems—what is detrimental or debilitating.


Coaching is offered to discover possibilities—discerning directions and destinations.


If you want to determine whether counselling or coaching would be of benefit in
your journey, call Lynne (226.931.4738) for a free assessment.


Bret Maukonen

MDiv, MEd (Adult Education)

Certified Life Coach

Developer of a

"Legacy Coaching Model"

Study focuses on:

–  personal worldviews

–  contentment

Lynne Maukonen

MTS, MA (Counselling)
Certified Life Coach
Certified Pastoral Counsellor
Psychosocial counsellor since 1994

–  bereavement

–  career management
–  mood disorders

–  relationship issues
–  transition and spiritual coaching

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