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Sometimes in life, we get "off course" and there’s a need to take bearings to figure
out where we really are in the journey. Sometimes we need to adopt a "course correction" to get back on track. Oft
en, we need to make reference to the compass
to make certain that we are headed in the right direction.

(From Lynne)

"I have been a psychosocial counsellor since 1994 and a life coach since 2008. I am holistic in my approach to both and will view our work together as a journey towards the kind and degree of well-being you desire. You will determine the direction we go!
I will assist with the mode of transportation and be careful to point out the "Dead End" and "Wrong Way" signs. I will also be respectful of your personal "Road Closed" and
"Do Not Enter" markers. We are both responsible for observing the "Speed Limit" and "Detour" indicators. We will take it slowly when we encounter speed bumps and stop when you either reach your destination or your exit sign. I would count it a great privilege to join you on your unique journey."


"Compass" offers both counselling and coaching services. What’s the difference between the two?

Counselling – Lynne offers a safe, accepting and compassionate climate to encourage you toward healing and growth. Her training equips her to guide, educate, advise, inform and coach you to resolve issues that cause today's pain and limit the fulfilment of tomorrow's dreams.


Coaching – Working with one of us as your personal life coach, you will embark upon the fulfilment of your goals by making better decisions and taking smarter actions. As
a result, you will have more assurance of success in your pursuits.


If you want to determine whether counselling or coaching would be of benefit in
your journey, call Lynne (226.931.4738) for a free assessment.

(from Bret)


"When I worked as a ship’s officer, the compass was an essential piece of equipment. It is used to take bearings of fixed reference objects so that a current position can be ascertained. It is used to plot and follow a course to arrive at a determined destination. We would check the compass regularly to see that we were making progress in the desired direction."


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​​​Contact Us

Lynne Maukonen

MTS, MA (Counselling)
Certified Life Coach
Certified Pastoral Counsellor
Psychosocial counsellor since 1994

–  grief

–  career management
–  mood disorders

–  relationship issues
–  transition and spiritual coaching

Bret Maukonen

MDiv, MEd (Adult Education)

Certified Life Coach

Developer of a

"Legacy Coaching Model"

Study focuses on:

–  personal worldviews

–  contentment

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