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 Your experience with a professional life coach . . .


A coach is beneficial to you when there is some aspect of your life that you want to improve or change—for example: your career, health, education, personal growth or your spiritual life.


The power and effectiveness of coaching is in the relationship. As your life coach, I will believe
in your innate competence and abilities. I will develop a relationship with you to assist you to
your unique strengths and potential.


Within the coaching relationship, you will find genuine acceptance, be able to establish your
own agenda and take action toward the
realization of your vision and goals. You will also be accountable for the accomplishments that you desire to achieve.


Through the process of life coaching, you will articulate your yet-to-be-realized aspirations and longings. As a professional coach, I will help you stay focused on your goals and will monitor your progress in accomplishing them. I will support you as you examine self-limiting obstacles and set an agenda for overcoming them.


Working with me as your personal life coach, you will embark upon the fulfillment of your dreams by making better decisions and taking smarter actions. As a result, you will have more assurance of success in your pursuits.

What clients have said . . .

“I have regained a measure of control over my circumstances;

have developed tools for communicating more effectively, esp. in

the workplace; have finally learned how to relax and realized I do not have to be perfect; am choosing to only own my own stuff; am much more aware of my impact on others; am enjoying success at home

as well as finding balance at work.”

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Bret Maukonen (Master of Divinity, Master of Education, Certified Life Coach) . . .


"Probably most significant is that I derive great satisfaction from helping others. My activities—whether in industry, business or education—have the theme of service.


I have enjoyed a number of rewarding opportunities to work, learn and grow. My own working life has been as a manager in industry, retail business and education; as a leader in community and non-profit organizations. I have been self-employed, assisted in new business start ups, rejuvenated and rationalized underachieving operations.


Drawing upon work and educational experiences, I am able to relate, with understanding and through developed sensitivities, to a wide range of people.


When I listen to you and work with your agenda, it is likely that your personal story will strike a resonant note."


Lynne Maukonen (Master of Theological Studies, Master of Arts–Counselling, 
Certified Life Coach)
 . . .


"I am an experienced therapist who has transitioned my practice to include life coaching as a way of working with clients who want more—from themselves, in their lives, in their careers, in their relationships.


I have worked in public, private and non-profit sectors, and have been employed by large corporations, post-secondary institutions and small companies. I have lived and worked in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan.


I have been described as soft-spoken; a warm and compassionate person who engenders trust and confidence. But, I am also genuine and forthright. As an active listener, I am ready to hold clients accountable for their own goals and to challenge them to grow into their dreams.


I love to encourage and to use humour in coaching."


My Ideal Client

 . . . is one who will do the work to realize his/her dreams and potential through

our coaching alliance. Some qualities that I would like to see initially are:


  1.  a person of integrity

  2.  a teachable spirit

  3.  self-disciplined (or wanting to move more deeply into that)  

  4.  a good, fair-minded sense of humour

  5.  wants relationships to be ones of mutual respect

  6.  willing to invest time to achieve successful outcomes

  7.  a person interested in seeking truth especially in ultimate questions

My Ideal Client
. . . will be open to new ideas and possibilities and be intuitive and inquisitive.
I particularly enjoy working with people who have a well-developed sense of humour and are aware of needing to put more into life to gain more out of it.


I want to work with people who are out of balance and longing to live out
their priorities. As a happily self-employed person, I like to encourage tentative entrepreneurs to take the plunge and
fulfill their potential.

I am energized by aligning with people who are aware of being
on a spiritual journey but feel like they have lost their way.

Bret Maukonen

MDiv, MEd (Adult Education)

Certified Life Coach


Experienced in:

–  Business

–  Industry

–  Education

–  Community organizations


Developer of a

"Legacy Coaching Model"


Coaching ​​​Credentials

and Associations

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Lynne Maukonen

MTS, MA (Counselling)
Certified Life Coach
Certified Pastoral Counsellor
Psychosocial counsellor since 1994

Experienced in:
–  Large and small businesses
–  Colleges and universities
–  Not-for-profit organizations


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