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Lynne Maukonen

Tel: 226.931.4738


Bret Maukonen

Tel: 226.931.4739


 Niagara Peninsula • Ontario • Canada

We want to remind potential clients in Canada and internationally that
we are able to provide counselling and coaching services according to
the ethical standards of our professional associations 
through a range
of modes of communication: 
• telephone • video • e-mail

While many people are used to the notion of face-to-face appointments, using one of the above modes has proven to be highly successful and
cost effective.


Bret Maukonen

MDiv, MEd (Adult Education)

Certified Life Coach

Developer of a

"Legacy Coaching Model"

Study focuses on:

–  personal worldviews

–  contentment

Lynne Maukonen

MTS, MA (Counselling)
Certified Life Coach
Certified Pastoral Counsellor
Psychosocial counsellor since 1994

–  bereavement

–  career management
–  mood disorders

–  relationship issues
–  transition and spiritual coaching

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